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Collaborative project with Adam Wolpa
Urban Institute of Contemporary Art
Grand Rapids, MI.

The Nation of Ulysses, Monkey Postcard, Cheetah Postcard, Nelson Dane, Peter Halley, Portrait of Jesus, David Dunlap, Steak Fry Poster, Alan Harmon, Prayer Postcard, Ten by Ten, Felix the Cat, Nickelodeon Color Swatches, The For Carnation, The Champs, Jim O'Rourke, Silver Jews, Melvins, Chromophobia, Did Man get here by Evolution or by Creation?, Nickelodeon, Paint Swatches, The All Scars, Cow Catchin' Days, Golden, Alice in Wonderland, Wyoming Wildlife, Visual Arts Guild, Christine Buckton, Salib, Carrie Pollack, JC Penny, Freakwater, CCM, Ellsworth Kelly.

Ellsworth Kelly Print



Kasarian Dane submitted 6 Untitled monochrome paintings and one CCM goalie stick. Wolpa curated the rest of the paintings and objects to comprise the installation including various objects from Dane's studio and from Wolpa's collection including Ellsworth Kelly, Chromophobia, printed matter, and other.